Project Description

A Heritage Brand


Brand Heritage and identity is something close to the heart of Alligator.
Combine this with the stylish yet extremely practical products and you are left with a brand that is exciting, attractive and ready for today’s market

Since When Did

In the beginning……

The Alligator story began just after the First World War when Reuben Satinoff, an American immigrant, settled in the UK.  Seeing the potential in outerwear he founded the London Waterproof Company and soon after created the subsidiary company, ‘Alligator Rainwear’.
The company was soon passed down to the next generation, where Harry and Willy Satinoff took over production after the Second World War.

When Raincoats went WILD!…

The UK brand really took off in the Swinging 60’s.  An exclusive range of raincoats with the iconic Mary Quant sent sales soaring.  They soon started to produce garments for fashion’s heavyweights, Pierre Cardin and Balmain all wanting Alligator’s quality.  At it’s peak Alligator could be seen gracing the glamorous pages of top fashion publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair with a turnover of £5 million per year.  What then was classed as a household name, Alligator has successful concessions throughout the UK in House of Fraser and Debenhams as well as exporting the brand to Europe and North America.



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